Tribute Media Company Values

Enjoy Every Damn Minute

We love our jobs. Having fun is so important to us that we wouldn't be here if we didn't enjoy the careers we dedicate 110% of ourselves to every day. We work hard so we can play hard, and we always want to make sure our clients are having fun right along with us. We make it a point to ENJOY EVERY DAMN MINUTE.

Family, Friends & Relationships are at the Heart of Everything We Do

Working at Tribute Media is fun. We enjoy the company of our colleagues and clients, and we have a good time while we get stuff done. But at the end of the day, we still want to go home. We want to spend time with our families and friends. Our careers are important, but they aren't everything. Being there for the people we love is what motivates us each and every day. FAMILY, FRIENDS AND RELATIONSHIPS ARE AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING WE DO.

Keep it Real

We believe that success is more important than ego, so we employ respectful honesty in everything we do. We give and receive constructive feedback in the spirit of improvement. And when it comes to clients, we don't waiver on this just because we are afraid of losing out on a paycheck. If you hired us to make you look good on the web and you want to do something that will interfere with that, we will let you know, because we KEEP IT REAL.

How Can I Help?

Whether it is helping our clients look good on the web, lending a hand to a coworker, participating in community events or volunteering time for a worthy cause, Tribute Media employees have a heart for service. We are always asking ourselves and each other: HOW CAN I HELP?

Always Be Learning

Potential is not something you reach; it is something you pursue. At Tribute Media, we constantly strive to improve ourselves through innovation and continuing education. We ask questions and invest ourselves in finding the best solutions. We know that no matter how great we are or how long we've been in our fields, we should ALWAYS BE LEARNING.

We also believe in a little thing we call "EmployJoy" which represents our initiative to work hard for our clients so we can enjoy celebrating success, as well as our belief that happy employees produce work that delights our clients.