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5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Page

Written by Wally Narwhal | Oct 15, 2013 10:12:00 PM

There have been many companies that have expanded their online presence to include social media sites. Of these sites, Facebook is by far the most well known and the most prominently featured on company collateral and websites. Although this is the case, there are many companies that create a Facebook page that don’t necessarily have the right idea of how to properly implement their social media strategy.

We have decided to discuss 5 elements of a great Facebook page that all businesses can use to become successful in social media. Using Starbucks as an example, companies can use these tips to either improve or vastly increase their reach and engagement in their efforts on Facebook.

These 5 elements include:

  1. A Great Cover Photo

Cover photos should be 851 x 315 pixels and be able to convey a company’s brand to the consumer. It also helps if a company changes the cover photo every so often to reflect a change in the season, new specials or campaigns, or to simply keep it fresh.

  1. Engaging Status Updates

Social media is all about engaging with your customers and fans. That’s why it’s important to post relevant status updates that invite your fans to comment and share with their friends. Use pictures, questions, polls, and great stories to elicit the best response.

  1. Links and Other Information

Many times, a consumer will see and interact with your Facebook page more than they will with your website. Be sure to provide links to your website and other social media sites to fully engage with the user.

  1. A Complete About Section

Facebook provides an About section for companies to talk about themselves. For a company like Starbucks, most people know about the company already. Your company, however, can truly benefit from providing the background of your business for your fans to read.

  1. Response to Fans

There’s no point in posting content that is engaging if you’re not going to do anything when your fans engage. Be sure to respond to your fans when they interact with your Facebook page to validate their opinions, mitigate any complaints, and build brand equity.

Having a great Facebook page starts with you or your social media marketer. Follow what some of the best brands in the world have done and do social media right!