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What Motivates Someone to Like Your Facebook Page?

Written by Hannah Lacy | Sep 8, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Brands have entered the world of Facebook. You've probably hit "like" on a few of your favorites, or maybe on a friend's business. But why? Why do you like brands or not like them? Let's take a look at the statistics:

What are They Thinking?

According to Vertical Response, 87% of people do like a brand on Facebook. Out of these:

  • 82% think it's a good place to get in touch with or interact with brands
  • 35% feel like they're listened to by brand on Facebook
  • 75% for more connected to a brand they like on Facebook
  • 69% have liked a brand's page just because they saw a friend like it
  • 50% think the brand's Facebook page can be more useful than their website

Why Are They Liking?

So why do they like your brand? What are they looking for?

  • 34% are looking for promotions and discounts
  • 21% are hoping to score something free
  • 14% liked you because they're a loyal customer
  • 11% liked you because of brand trust
  • and 20%... we're not sure why they like you

How are They Interacting?

Once they've liked you, you're going to get some interaction from a percentage of those likes. Most of them:

  • print off coupons
  • like/comment on your page
  • learn about new products

Some people just like a brand because, well, they like it! Or they like what the brand is posting. Be one of those brands, and use this tip to spruce up your Facebook page. Have fun!