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Sell Ideas, Not Products

Written by Hannah Lacy | Aug 11, 2015 12:00:00 PM

In the business world, it used to be enough to sell a product. Talk about what it does, how it will help you, and it is bought. Now, a product needs a story. An idea. There are hundreds of others offering what you do; what makes yours different?

Light. Bulb.

An idea. Ideas are what make your product different from someone else's. It's about your philosophy, that extra thing you do to ensure your client gets the best. It's almost like a movie. There need to be a "moral of the story."

Some Example Light Bulbs

I used to do nonprofit work, and when you're running a nonprofit, you still need contributors to help keep the lights on. What was I selling those contributors? An idea. And I have to tell you, selling an idea is a lot easier than selling a product. You can really get people fired up about a new concept for helping the poor.

You've Got Work to Do

You are going to have to have your facts down, and information supporting you. If I had come up with a radical new way of helping the poor and eliminating poverty, I would've heard crickets from the community. Until I found research supporting my idea. If you're selling something with a new spin, make sure you know everything up and down, right to left about that new concept.

By making your customers feel like your product will truly impact their everyday life or everyday work, they buy into your idea. If you're a tile guy and you take extra care in your work to make sure water can't pool on the side of the shower, explain that! Let your customer know what they're getting.

If you can create a business model, a company culture, and a way of doing business that has definition, you can start selling your idea.