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The Power of Social Media Combined With Social Referral

Written by Hannah Lacy | May 12, 2015 3:13:07 PM

We talk a lot about the value, power and impact of social media. But it doesn't end with great posts. Social media paired with social referrals is one of the most powerful types of customer engagement.

What is a Social Referral?

When you attract a customer, you hope to convert them into a lead. Once they become a lead, you work with them to fit their need with a product. Just as before, however, it doesn't end there. Once you deliver a product to your customer, you want to delight them so much that they recommend you to friends and family. That is a social referral.

On the Web

On the Internet, a social referral is only slightly different. These referrals can mean anything from those friends and family finding your website to finding your Facebook page. Other ways these social referrals happen is through likes and comments. If one of your friends likes or comments on a business post, you not only see the post, you have reason to think positively of that business.

Make it Count

Another popular form of social referral is commenting and tagging a friend. "@Emily, you Have to see this dress. Future wedding? I think yes." Comments like this look great on your page, and also encourage a new following. Think about the people who see that comment. Your current audience, Emily, and Emily's friends! That is reach, and that is the power of social referral.

So, be a company worth chatting about, and always be on social media, posting comment worthy content.