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Increase Engagement on Facebook

Written by Hannah Lacy | Jul 14, 2015 12:00:00 PM

You may be doing better on followers, but is the only sound on your Facebook... Crickets? You're posting regularly, (we hope) but no one responds. We've found some pretty nifty tips for increasing Facebook engagement, which we've used ourselves, and thought we'd share:

Let's Play a Game

Yes, games work! They're fun, they show your personality, and people like to play. The key is not making them about you or your business, but about your audience. Be sure to check out Facebook's guidelines first, then go wild!

Here are some games you might try out!

Best Guess

Run a "Take Your Best Guess" competition! 

Whether or not you offer a prize for the winner, this can be incredibly fun and boost engagement. Either offer a prize, such as a gift card, or announce the winner with great splendor! This will be enjoyable for your viewers and may spark some competition. Get your employees involved if you like!

To make things more exciting, you can choose the two closest comments, and let the first person who comment be the tie breaker!

Finish the Sentence

This one is so simple, and takes very little effort for your audience to engage. Simply write a sentence like "The best movie of all time is _________" or "At the end of the rainbow there is a ______." Come up with something fun!

Added fun: Pick your favorite reply and feature it later on in the week.

Name Your Life's Movie or TV Show

Ask the question, (we recommend using a picture) "If your life was a movie or TV show, what would it be?" People like to engage with things they feel express their personality, and this serves the purpose perfectly.

Extra fun: Tell them what your company would be! Tribute Media would be Seinfeld!


Tell us A Story

Using a photo, ask your audience to finish a story that you start! You never know where the story will go, and it will be fun for your users to engage with each other's comments.

More fun: Be sure to post the finished story the next week!


We hope these tips were helpful! Try them out and let us know how it went! Feel free to post your results in the comments on our website or social media pages.