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Jillian Fra

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Jillian manages everything related to finance and HR for Tribute Media. She also serves as office mom, birthday-dessert-buyer, and office historian, in addition to running all operational things.

An Idaho resident since 2002, Jillian is originally from Connecticut. Prior to joining the Tribute team in 2009, she worked as an executive assistant and owned (and sold) an errand and Ccncierge business. In her words, "Everything I have done has been centered around taking care of people and making sure things get done." Her commitment to taking care of everyone and everything makes Tribute employees' lives easier (and way funner).

Outside of work, Jillian enjoys cooking, entertaining, organizing everything, making lists, and spending time with husband Will and their two super cute daughters, Lily and Emma. Though she calls herself "basic" for loving Target, Starbucks, and fall, the Tribute team knows well that she's anything but basic.



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