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Posted by Hannah Lacy on Jan 19, 2015 10:56:00 AM

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Too many businesses are so busy with day-to-day processes that they forget to keep their customers engaged on the marketing front. Growth cannot be accomplished by continuing in the same direction you have since your start-up, it requires time, energy and strategy that aligns with trends and engages new audiences.

Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman and motivational speaker, once said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

This applies directly to marketing. You have the time, but has your business established a marketing strategy or direction? Here are five tips for establishing this plan of action:

  • Detail precise tasks with an achievable deadline
  • Identify your target audience for each marketing campaign
  • Establish measurable goals and how you will track them
  • Be willing to make changes, have an open mind
  • Divide tasks appropriately to your team

You know what you want to accomplish: more traffic on your website and the translation of that into increased sales. Now you must establish the exact, tangible ways in which you will pursue this goal.

As you meet with marketing specialists at Tribute Media, keep in mind your target audience. If you have insight into the individuals who will be on your Facebook page versus your website, share that information so we can better cater to your viewers.

Setting goals is wonderful, and it is necessary to create ways to measure their success. At the same time, you have to stay flexible. If one strategy simply isn’t producing the right results, you must be willing to adjust. Making sure your marketing is well divided among your staff is up to you. Tribute Media will implement and consult on your strategies, but you must have someone who knows your company available to spearhead the effort.

Realizing that you do have time for quality marketing could revolutionize your business. Don’t stay trapped in the mindset that you can’t handle one more thing, let Tribute Media handle it for you.

Hannah Lacy

Written by Hannah Lacy

Originally from Payette, Hannah started working for Tribute Media in late 2014. Previously, she helped manage two Christian nonprofits aiding individuals in poverty. Hannah is proud to be part of the Tribute team: "I enjoy the atmosphere and the attitude that every day should be about learning. There is a wonderful focus on education and improvement to benefit both our employees and our clients." She loves Boise because of the friendly people and the opportunities to explore nature. A big Charles Dickens fan, her favorite novel is A Tale of Two Cities. Biggest guilty pleasure: "Donuts. I never pass up a donut of any kind. Except the ones with custard or cherry filling-that's just a waste of a donut."

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