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Posted by Sarah Wai on Dec 8, 2017 6:00:00 PM

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No, that's not a grammatical error (I got you there for a second, didn't I?). I'm talking about what you have to offer on the web. Your web presence has much to do with the presents you offer your customers. So, what do you offer that makes potential customers jump for joy like it's Christmas morning?

Value is Determined by the Customer

Value isn't based on the value YOU as the business place on something. Value is related to the problems your product solves for customers.  Offer some trouble-shooting options or solutions. You may worry that your potential customers will fix their own problems and never call. That's a risk you'll simply have to take, but more than likely, you'll establish some trust with potential customers and they'll turn to you. 

Wrap It All Up Nice

If you don't wrap up (advertise) your free e-books and downloadables all nice and fancy, potential customers will never find them. Make it all appealing by showcasing how your product is different and why they REALLY should choose your "present".

If you're going to ask for information in return for a downloadable, it had better be worth what they're getting. For example, we have an offer at Tribute Media that gives immediate answers that people (like you) can start acting on. It's an interactive assessment that tells you how your marketing is actually doing. We promise it's not rigged to tell you that you're failing at marketing. In fact, it tells you exactly where you're doing well, where you aren't doing so hot, and how to go about fixing that. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll choose to work with us, and that's OK. 

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