Why Aren't Fortune 500 Companies Blogging?

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Jun 11, 2015 3:38:00 PM


Blogging has a critical role in digital marketing. First and foremost being; attract new users and increase traffic to your website engaging and interesting content. This means creating new and consistent content around trending topics and relevant information. 

Even though there have been countless studies and online statistics praising this technique; why are so many large companies hesitant to insert this into the digital marketing strategy? Could it be because they don’t believe blogging is important or maybe they are too lazy to keep their blog updated?

UMass Dartmouth recently published a great study that has a couple interesting pieces of information:

  • 16% of the Fortune 500 companies had public-facing RSS feeds in 2008
  • 31% of the Fortune 500 companies had public-facing RSS feeds in 2014

Since 2008, blog integration into digital marketing strategies has almost doubled for Fortune 500 companies. This proves that blogging is a strategy that is here to stay and is critical to implement. But based on the positive statistics and blogging research, wouldn’t you guess that practically every Fortune 500 company invests in blogging? These companies have the ability to use tap into almost unlimited resource, so wouldn't all of them start blogging?

Marketing expert Sally Falkow explains what this disconnect shows:

“Blogging is a commitment. Once you start, you have to continue. A blog has a voracious appetite. You have to produce good content regularly, and that takes resources.”

The commitment to blogging is a big one that most Fortune 500 companies don't want to take on. The challenge of writing interesting content every day is difficult and continuous, but the results can be amazing. We have always found that the commitment is always worth it.

This shows a strong work ethic for small businesses that don’t have as many resources and surpasses Fortune 500 companies in terms of commitment. Even startups can keep an active blog if they have a dedicated team willing to write frequently.

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The blogging process alone, will keep you in-tune in trending topics within your industry. Searching for interesting information to write about will re-engage your team into learning and promoting your products and services from a different angle every week. This allows you to quickly identify what way the market is trending, and where your company can take advantage of highly engaged topics. This is an invaluable process and tool that we cannot praise enough.

The real question is; if you know and understand the benefits of blogging, why wouldn’t you want to participate? If you cannot commit to writing at least once per week to engage your followers, then how dedicated are you to your business?

To stay on top of the Fortune 500 blogs, here is a list of the quickly growing 31%.

Here is a great link to get your team creating a blog strategy internally. If you are thinking of hiring outside help, here is a link on how to choose the right company and what questions to ask. 

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