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What is Inbound Marketing?

Written by Hannah Lacy | Jun 23, 2015 12:00:00 PM

We talk about it all the time. We write about it, all the time, and we post about it more days than not. But what is Inbound Marketing? I'd like to explain it in detail, hopefully, to give you a better understanding of why Inbound Marketing is your business' future.

The Methodology

Inbound Marketing is a way of doing everything. The concept behind it is that you stop running after people, yelling through the radio, waving signs on street corners, and you stop. You stop, and you start offering something people are actually looking to find. It's all in the name, "Inbound Marketing." You're drawing people in by offering useful information, dowloadables, tips, etc.

The Application

Now, when you're "drawing people in," we don't mean you're offering something you don't have or being tricky so that they visit your site. You're offering something they actually want, and if you request information in return, it's appropriate for the value of your offer. If you're offering an industry related checklist with fillable documents, that's probably worth a name and email address. A cool looking version of your logo that "could" be put on a T-shirt is just free. Don't ask for information.

How Tribute Media Does It

At Tribute Media, we utilize Inbound Marketing in everything we do. We do partner with HubSpot, and 

Think about it, you're much more inclined to buy from a business that values you and wants to help you, not just get your money. That's our aim at Tribute, and it's what where we'd like to see you as a business as well.theirinbound tools have proved invaluable. At the same time, if you haven't chosen to be one of our HubSpot clients, that doesn't mean you aren't benefiting from our HubSpot accomplishments. We apply Inbound Marketing to our SEO, content, social media, web design, and the list goes on. We truly buy into the validity of Inbound Marketing.