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Posted by Lindsey Bowshier on Jan 27, 2017 2:46:07 PM

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You won't find any Jets or Sharks struggling for control of this domain. (Musical theater fans? Anyone?)

No, this website story is about, a new Tribute Media project spearheaded by our founder, Corey Smith. It is a demonstration of what it takes to build a web presence following the principals of website optimization (otherwise known as Growth-Driven Design) and the philosophies and techniques of inbound marketing.

As an aside: is anyone who knows Corey surprised to learn he has a side project?

Anyway, this is the kind of crap that makes us feel really lucky to have such a smart leader. Hopefully, Corey's website story--the instruction, the fumbles and the figure-it-out-as-he-goes will help you along your journey to a launch pad site that can grow and change right along with your business.

Follow the website story of this down and dirty blog for marketers and designers (or anyone who wants to know what marketers and designers do) at

Like any story, you should start at the beginning. If you are just starting your new website or blog project, you can use this as a step-by-step guide. If you've already launched your website or are somewhere in the middle of the process, you'll find instructions on how to go back and do the things you missed. If you aren't ready, this will be here for you when you are.

But no matter where you are in your own website story, this blog can serve as a handy index and reference for all the details and minutia that go into establishing your web presence.

Want to learn more about Corey & Tribute Media's web marketing philosophies? Join us for our next Website Optimization Workshop (or, as we like to say WOW!).


Lindsey Bowshier

Written by Lindsey Bowshier

Lindsey is the President of Tribute Media. Her degree is in English and Communication with an emphasis in Journalism, her background is in copywriting and content marketing, and she's had pretty much every job at Tribute Media since she joined the agency in 2014. Outside of work, Lindsey participates in a "super-cool-not-at-all-nerdy" writing group. Her favorite writer is Dorothy Parker.

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