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Wait, What? - Look Up from Your Lunch

Written by Hannah Lacy | Nov 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM

This cute little guy was enjoying his lunch, but something evidently got his attention. That's what we want to do in marketing. If you send an email that doesn't pull a person away from their lunch, you shouldn't have skipped yours to write it.

Best Email Ever

So how do you make an email captivating, attention-grabbing, and worth something? Let's start with the captivating and attention grabbing.

Tribute Media 1Q Newsletter

Okay. That was boring. I didn't even open that, I just market it as read and moved down the email list. A better option might be "Exciting News at Tribute: Let's Reminisce." This may grab my attention.


While you want to captivate your reader, you had better not elude to something that isn't there. Especially in promotions, avoid saying something is FREE... and then in itty bitty words saying "with a one-year contract and commitment to buying us coffee." Just don't.


Taking Care of Business (Every Email)

Finally, make sure your email says something. Don't just talk, communicate. Convey real ideas, tips and information that your client or reader can implement. Try out these tips, you may be impressed with yourself.