Using Powerful Visual Content

Posted by Sarah Wai on Nov 3, 2015 2:21:00 PM

Content is an effective way to increase your brand visibility and draw clients to your company. Visual content is by far the most effective. It reaches people emotionally, triggering a desire in them to actively participate.

Examples of Powerful Visual Content



When you look at this visual, you can’t help but smile. Remember the days when you were a child, swinging as high as you could just to get the rush it gave you? And that sense of excitement? When you want to excite your audience, use photos that trigger that emotion.



The majority of people have experienced what it feels like to wait by someone’s side as they recover from something. Whether it be big or small, it brings out sympathy in people. A powerful image that shows sympathy is one that also symbolizes support. You don’t want to make a sad situation any worse. Rather, you want to show support. Images like this one do just that.



If you have ever played sports or been physically active, you know how this person feels. Endurance is one of the most powerful visuals. There is something in each of us that pushes to be better or at least desires to do so. This is a visual that stirs something in people to push, to strive, to accept a challenge.

If you have not already, consider using visual content in your marketing. The effect it has on people is something to utilize actively, as it is a great tool for effective marketing.

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

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