Toot Your Own Horn!

Posted by Jillian Fra on May 8, 2013 3:54:00 PM

Toot Your Horn

It's amazing how many people do not have testimonials on their website, and it baffles me. More and more consumers are doing research before buying a product or service, whether they ask on social media, look up online reviews, or call their neighbor for an opinion. A company's website is the prime location for a future customer to do their research. When it comes to service providers, you need to make sure that you have a place to "toot your own horn".

Testimonials are a great thing to post for all to see. Again, it surprises me how many people do not take the time to gather customer testimonial quotes and post them up. To be honest, up until recently we haven't had them on our own Tribute Media website. We had them in the past, but as web developers, we like to change our website every 6 months, so they ended up getting lost in the shuffle along the way and were never made a priority.

The other week I overheard that a prospective client was going to do some "research" on us and get back to us. How much do you want to bet that our website was the first place they looked? While we have a nice portfolio of past web design projects to show, quotes from happy clients were not up on the site. For someone looking to hire us for web design or web marketing, what a great thing for them to stumble upon our testimonial page and read all of the nice things that our clients have to say about us.

For the past year we have had a wall in our office where we print emails and Facebook posts of thrilled clients "loving us" for all to see. But not everyone comes to visit us in our super cool office. So lets get them up on the Internet I say! I started calling our clients that have commented before and asked their permission for us to post it (always a good thing to ask permission). I haven't even had the chance yet to seek out new ones and ask: "how are we doing". Like anything, it’s a work in progress.

To check out our ever-growing list of client love, check out our testimonials page!

Jillian Fra

Written by Jillian Fra

Jillian has been with Tribute Media since 2009. She has been a project manager, office manager and is now the director of operations and a partner in the company.

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