To Blog or Not to Blog

Posted by Mary Woolf on May 22, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Blogging is important

I consult with clients all day long in matters of website and digital marketing tactics. Often the topic of how, when and even if blogging is really that important comes up. The reactions I get from people range from blank stares, glasses down on nose look, and my favorite, eye rolling.

It's quite easy folks, content is search driven. Ever try to search google without words? Yeah, that's what I thought.

You have a business. You have a service or product. Now it's time to connect your product and/or service with the people who need it. Frequently blogging about your service will get the search engines to notice you. In turn, when people use those search engines to find the service you offer, the search engines will grab your website.

New Call-to-action

There are some key points to remember when blogging.

  • Be human. Blog with your personality and relate at a level that reaches the searchers.
  • Be relevant. Talk about what people want to read about. Not what you want them to read.
  • Be brief. Leave the skilled authors to the 300-page books. 
  • Be enthusiastic. If you can prove your passion, then your readers will see it. They will get excited too.

I know that these points are easier said than done. A blogger I am not. In fact, when I was asked to participate in the company blog, I felt like I was in front of many people in my underwear. However, the saving grace for me is an awesome marketing team here at Tribute Media that will make this blog pretty for me, hopefully. However, these are the words I would use without a marketing team. Be yourself, write about real issues you solve with real people. But if you still need some help, hire a marketing team you trust to be your voice.

Mary Woolf

Written by Mary Woolf

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