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Tips to Overcoming Writers Block

Written by Hannah Lacy | Aug 18, 2015 12:00:00 PM

At Tribute, we know all about writer's block. I mean, we publish blogs on our own site most days and write countless blogs for our clients. In the office, our tactics for fighting writer's block are different from those who write from home. We'll give tips that apply to both!

In the Office

Some of the greatest inhibitors to creative writing are noise. Whether it's actual, audible noise or just the noise in your brain. (For instance, I didn't finish that sentence until I put in my headphones and turned on some Jason Mraz because of conversations going on around me).

That's real noise. If you're working in the office, expect to be interrupted. Someone will probably need you before you've finished.

There's also all of that noise going on in your mind. Writing is a relaxing thing, so you'll need to relax your mind and clear it of everything else you need to worry about.

Let's apply:

  • Listen to music - tuning out surrounding noise is incredibly helpful. Everyone is different, so try the soundtrack to your favorite movie, but also try a few of your favorite singer/songwriters. You never know what will get your creative juices flowing!
  • Relax - physically and mentally. You will be interrupted, especially in the office, so have a method of relaxation. Breathing exercises can be invaluable.
  • Clear your desktop - depending on how easily you are distracted, you may want to minimize everything else on your desktop. You don't need extra distractions to steal away that great sentence idea.

At Home

Working at home allows for some different opportunities. If you're a home writer, try some of the following!

  • Go for a walk - a quick walk in the beautiful outdoors can reset your mind and inspire you. It's also healthy to get up from sitting every 15-30 minutes.
  • Have a snack/drink - having a glass of water handy, or some fruit can give your hands something to do, and give you a tiny mental break every time you reach for your water.
  • Play with your cat - of course, this one is exclusive to people with pets, but they're fun, furry, and they can help you reset.