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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Aug 12, 2014 3:58:00 PM

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We have long been inundated with offerings for Google Plus, Google’s very own take on social media, in the recent years. Google is known for quite a few things in the world, and making social media a priority has been at the top of their list for quite some time. While a far cry away from other juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter, Google can offer a unique perspective to businesses in terms of branding and getting a message to a particular audience. For those that thought Google Plus would just fade into the distance were just proven wrong as Google has launched its new take on helping businesses succeed with their new social platform.

In June, Google announced Google My Business. The plan is to integrate all of what Google has to offer and gear it toward small business owners. This includes local search results, a Google Plus page for businesses, and the myriad Google Apps that business owners have come to love. Just as people thought Google may pull the plug on their take on social media, they just made it easier to use and more efficient.

The Basic Functions of Google My Business

Local Search Capability

If you’re currently in the SEO industry, or understand Google search rankings, then you have no doubt noticed the trend of local search over the last few years. The “seven-pack” as it has become known, or the Google Places results, have come to dominate search engine results pages when it comes to local search. Google My Business makes it easy for business owners to claim their local listings, make edits, and integrate their Google Plus pages for a higher visibility in search.

Integration of Your Google Plus Business Page

If you already own a business presence on Google Plus, then you’re ahead of the game in many ways. But for those businesses that haven’t yet taken advantage of this free application, Google My Business makes it easy to start a profile and get connected with your customers. Similar to Facebook business pages, Google Plus pages offer ways to post updates and get feedback from your audience.

Get on the Map

If your business isn’t claimed locally, then you may or may not be showing up on Google Map results. Google My Business takes care of this by putting your business on Maps results and pointing your customers right to you. Even if you’re running a non-local business, you can still claim a spot on the map and get your brand or service listed. If you are a cab company, for example, you’ll be able to indicate a service area where your customers can find you.

With added insights and new ways to reach your target audience, it’s time you get Google My Business! 


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