The Spirit of the Old West

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Jun 19, 2012 12:16:00 PM

Western Spirit
If you know me well, you know I love vintage. I love the style, creativity, fabrics, look, history, stories, but most of all I love the spirit. I am particularly drawn to vintage items that come from either the West or the Midwest. This is derived from my core beliefs, which are linked to my passion on what the settlers of the West were looking for. These individuals were driven to create a life for themselves that was better than the one before. They stood up for something they wanted and were not shy to go for it. I also admire the business ethics and practices common of those days when your word actually meant something. A time when doctors made house calls, and wanted to authentically bond and treat patients not see how many people they can run through their sterilized hands in a single day. A time when there was only a few Attorney’s in town versus one on every block. I say let’s bring back the spirit of the Old West, how about you?
Wally Narwhal

Written by Wally Narwhal

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