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Posted by Duncan Laney on Apr 10, 2015 9:38:00 AM

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Wecome back to another Drupal 7 FAQ support tip. In the last blog post, I layed out how to add and image to your website. Now I'll walk you through how you can publish and unpublish products from your online catalog. It's easier than you think. 

Product Catalog: Publish and Unpublish

We get a lot of requests to help people add or remove items from their online product catalog. As long as the product is already available in your catalog website, it's pretty easy to add or remove items your online catalog.  

  • Log into the site as you normally would.
  • On the grey Drupal toolbar (located under the main toolbar on top), there is a shortcut called "Administer Catalog Products," click on this link.
  • From here you can search by title, or filter by manufacturer, then click "Apply" to filter the products.
  • Once you have a list of items you can then go down the list and check the items you want to administer.
  • Click the "Operations" drop down menu, and choose the action you wish to take, then click "Execute."
  • The changes should then be in effect.

That's it. Come back soon to get more tips and tricks for your Drupal 7 site.

Duncan Laney

Written by Duncan Laney

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