Overcoming Writer's Block

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Feb 7, 2014 5:52:00 PM

Get Rid of Writers Block

Are you blogging? Are you posting original content on all your social media platforms? Suffering from writer’s block? Turn to the resources you have and create exceptional content. Thinking of content topics can be a grueling undertaking. Use the following resources the next time you get stuck.


Ask your different departments what the most common roadblocks are. You can use that to illustrate the problem and the solution. Sit in on meetings in different departments. You can use their communication styles and workflow for a post. What about it works? How can you apply it? Get to know your peers. Where did they come from? What have they accomplished? What are their goals? You can highlight them in a post. A story is the most compelling read.

Break It Down

Take note of new practices and projects the office has been doing. Make sure to analyze what works and what the best practice is. Break it down. Develop a step program that will educate your reader and be easy for them to implement in their own lives. Talk to your managers about how they started the business and what processes they established.


Your readers are interested in what your office like and what you like to do. Get involved in the community and volunteer.  You can use that as content for a post about what your company values. You could shadow an employee for a day and write about what a day in the life of someone else’s shoes. It would be interesting to experience and write about.  


If you learned it, then share it. Host a workshop and teach a skill. Anytime you attend a tradeshow, community event or are hosting something at your office then you should be posting about it. This gives you content for about two weeks prior to the event. You can get at least one post a week from it. It can be a description, a live post or tweet from the event, photos, or just commentary on how the event or workshop went.


It’s all about you. Make sure you are drawing people in to your company. Host a contest and give away a new product, tickets to an event, or a free consultation. Share with your audience your employees who have been nominated for or received awards. Brag a little and share customer testimonials. You can also introduce new products your rolling out or services and their details.


Acknowledge the holidays. You are a human behind this content. Celebrate them! Talk about how awesome your staff is for Labor Day or how thankful you are for your clients on Thanksgiving. People respond to something they can relate with.

I hope we have given you some directions to explore. Think hard, collaborate, and make these your own. Make sure to infuse these ideas with personality, data, and insights that only you and your brand can offer. Content that provides value is what leads to the traffic, shares, and the interaction you have worked hard for.  

Wally Narwhal

Written by Wally Narwhal

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