Mistakes to Avoid in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Dec 18, 2013 5:40:00 PM

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media
Social media is a great way to get your business noticed and can even generate sales.Many companies have experienced how great social media can be. Recent studies show that 52% of all markets found clients via Facebook in 2013. If you are one of the businesses that tried social media briefly and failed, it might be due to a few common mistakes that are made in the social media realm.

Try to avoid this list of mistakes to make the most of your social media marketing campaign.

Just using one social media outlet:

You should be using all of them including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Also, look at your target audience and figure out which outlets they use most often. Put more effort into the social media sites that your audience is most active on.

Not making a plan:

It is very important to have a marketing plan and not just post randomly on Facebook and send out a tweet once in a blue moon. Figure out exactly how many times a week you should post and what time you should post. Be consistent and stick with your plan.  

Not interacting with your customers:

Social media is for interaction! So don’t ignore your friends and followers! If they ask questions then answer them and if they comment on your posts then comment back. Post surveys and have contests on your page to engage potential customers.

Giving up:

Many people will try social media marketing and after a few weeks with no results they will give up. But having a faithful following takes a while to build. You might only have 10 friends right now but continue to post and interact and you will see a steady increase in that number.

Random use of hashtags:

Please don’t do this. Using hashtags without a purpose will confuse your followers and make it obvious that you don’t know what you are doing. Use hashtags to create promotions but don’t just throw them into a random tweet because it feels right.

Bad grammar and wordiness:

You are a professional business, people expect you to own a dictionary. So use spell check and proper grammar in all of your posts! Also, avoid being to wordy in your posts. Shorter posts are more popular on social media.

Lack of image use:

People love pictures! While scrolling down a newsfeed an image is more likely to catch your customers attention than a long paragraph with no images.

Social media marketing can be very successful. As hard as it is to believe that Facebook can be used for more than posting images of your cat wearing roller skates, it is! If you do it properly it will work to your benefit! So avoid making the above mistakes and you will be in business! Good luck!

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