5 Marketing Questions to Review Right Now

Posted by Caty Smart on Jan 1, 2023 10:55:00 AM

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We refreshed this popular post to be up-to-date for 2023.

At the time of writing, the year is almost over and, even though a handful of companies started planning their new marketing strategies during Q2 or Q3, it's better late than never! Here are five marketing questions for your company to review for the new year:

1. Does your website reflect what your sales team is saying?

It should come as no surprise that your marketing team and your sales team should be aligned in your efforts. If your website says one thing, but your sales team is saying another, this will only confuse your potential customers and often turn them away. Your website and sales team should be reflecting the same mission statement, core values, current product promotions and obviously, a transparent sales process.

If a lead goes to your website to give your company a final once-over before buying, everything should check out. If there are inconsistencies that give them pause, it could cost you sales. 

2. How's Your Social Media Presence?

First things first, is your company using social media? Second, are you monitoring it? Your company’s social presence should be up-to-date, engaging and checked regularly. Many millennials are turning to company profiles for more information before making a purchase decision. Users are looking for product information, an easy-to-find website link, and the ability to ask questions about your products and get real engagement back from you. 

Bonus tip: How to Use Hashtags for Marketing on Social Media.

3. Is your website answering consumers questions?

While company websites used to simply be a place for contact and product information, the gears are shifting to require more consideration of user-focused content. In an age where we as humans Google everything, your website should be able to answer the questions your customers are searching on Google through methods such as blogs, downloadable content offers, or FAQ webpages. When you’re providing up-to-date and valuable information to your website visitors, it creates a sense of trust and eventually leads to a customer relationship.

Do an audit of your website content and ask yourself “Does my website help convert leads into customers?”.

Learn more about the "You Ask, We Answer" approach to content writing and how it made a big impact for one business. 

4. Are you paying attention to your content performance?

Understanding your customers and the way they're engaging with your content is equally as important as creating it. What social media posts have performed the best in terms of leading visitors to your site? Which landing pages have the highest form submission rates? Which subject lines have the best email open rate? These are all important questions to ask yourself when creating new content. After all, the goal of web marketing is to convert website visitors into customers. Otherwise, you're creating content just to create it.

5. Are you marketing to the right audience?

It’s better to target the right people and delight them with your product than to force your product on someone who just may not be the right fit for what you have to offer. Work smarter, not harder. Create a list of your best customers (not just who you think should want to buy your product) and create an ideal buyer persona based on their demographics. Now use this buyer persona to audit and perfect your marketing and sales processes to better suit your ideal buyers.

Happy customers help create a referral-based business by putting positive reviews out into the world. And who doesn't love free marketing?

So, how did you do?

Did your company pass with flying marketing colors? Or do you need a few pointers for how to get back on track? Get in touch—we'd love to help. 

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Caty Smart

Written by Caty Smart

As client strategist and account manager for Tribute Media clients, Caty manages client relationships. She has a strong background in creating marketing strategies, auditing websites, email marketing, social media, and building web content focused on turning leads into customers.

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