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Market Like It's Hot

Written by Hannah Lacy | Jun 30, 2015 12:00:00 PM

It's heating up in the Treasure Valley, with guesses of 104 by the end of the week. (What the heck?!). Our clients all over the world are feeling the heat too, and you can bet their customers are. But what does this mean for marketing over the summer? Change.

Turn it Up

During the hot summer months, people are going on vacations and weekend getaways; they have much shorter attention spans. For marketers, this means content should be fun! Light hearted! Eye catching! Don't bore people, they're on their way to the beach, and if you don't have something fun to say, odds are no one is going to hear you.

Your Options

How is it done? Think about your business specifically. What are people doing in your area? 

How are they enjoying the weather? Leverage that! Here are some ideas to dust off your thinking cap:

  • host an event
  • do a raffle/competition
  • make sure the prizes are weather appropriate and fun!

It's not hard to have fun, so start applying that fun to your marketing. Remember, your audiences already short attention span is (understandably) shorter during the busy, fun summer months. What would catch your eye right now..?