Is Social Media REALLY for you?

Posted by Sarah Wai on Sep 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Social Media

First things first: Don't believe anyone who says that social media is a MUST for all companies.

Have you ever had a desire to see what your toothpaste brand is posting on Twitter? Or been upset that your dog food brand doesn't have a Facebook page? I didn't think so.

"But social media is a MUST""

Many people are under the impression that you have to be on social media, because that's where the networks of your customers are. Just because your customers are on social media doesn't mean you should be. They don't necessarily want to hear what you have to say, at least in this context. There are other excellent ways to get your brand noticed.

Doesn't social media help my brand?

Not necessarily. There are many benefits to being on social media:

  1. Advertising promotions
  2. Sentiment indicator
  3. Immediate feedback from customers
  4. ETC

We understand wanting to take your brand where your customers are, but if that is your desire then you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it come off as invasive? What is the relevance to people's everyday lives?
  • Is it spammy? Are you just posting random memes or articles so that you can have a presence, but aren't producing meaningful and valuable content?
  • Will it motivate people to turn to you over a competitor?

When is social media effective?

Social media is effective when you can provide content that is beneficial for your audience. For example:

  • Blogs: Using your blogs is perfect for getting your brand out there. When people search for products, you'll show up in searches because you have established yourself as a professional in that industry or field. By posting your own content on social media, you give your audience applicable content, and it points back to your own site (which can provide an increased amount of engagement).
  • Related Articles: Maybe you want to have a variety of content available on social media. This is fine, IF it's applicable and appropriate for your industry or field. Anything beyond that can rub your audience the wrong way.

Don't waste time and money on marketing that won't benefit you. Let the professionals at Tribute Media help you find the right marketing niche for your company.

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Content and Email Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. B.S. in Media Communications. Certified in Hubspot, Inbound Marketing, Contextual Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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