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Reputation Management During the Holidays

Written by Hannah Lacy | Dec 12, 2014 6:58:00 PM

Perception is reality, regardless of how far from the truth this perception may be. This is why reputation management is crucial for businesses of any size. Time's recently reported that Nordstrom had to take juristic measures to protect their reputation when an employee made a violent comment on his personal Facebook page advocating the killing of police officers. This comment was not a reflection of Nordstrom’s beliefs, by any means, yet it reflected horribly on them, as this man was a known employee. They made a public response and promptly terminated the man.

It is clear that reputation damaging comments can be made on any form of social media or website. So how do companies manage their reputations and formulate responses? Tribute Media employs the use of ReviewTracker. ReviewTracker notifies you whenever a new review has been posted about your business. Whether positive or negative, the ability to view what is being said about your company and respond is invaluable in reputation building.

How Reputation Management Improves Your Business

Every company will receive negative reviews; it is not a question of if but when. What matters is the way in which your company responds. A timely, professional response can completely negate the negative connotation of a given remark. While reputation management often does consist of putting out fires, there is also a purely positive side to the practice. Effective reputation management helps your business by making you

  • Competitive
  • Well Known
  • In Touch with Customers

Most review platforms have the option to assign a certain number of stars to businesses. Customers, even if they offered criticism, like to see that their opinions are being heard and valued. Through efficient reputation management, you are staying competitive in your field. You are also boosting the number of individuals who are exposed to your business. Ultimately, reputation is not just a tactic to protect your company from negative reviews, it is a way to build relationships with your customers. During the holidays when everyone is looking for something special, whether it be a restaurant, fun activity or the perfect gift, it can be invaluable to have a relationship with your customers.