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I Wanna Know You

Written by Hannah Lacy | May 26, 2015 12:00:00 PM

At Tribute Media, you may have noticed that we have a slew of different authors writing blogs for us. I happen to write the Tuesday Tips, and so they have Tribute Media's brand with a little dash of Hannah. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?


Isn't it dangerous to have so many different voices? Shouldn't we have one person write all of the content? First off, I would go crazy if we did that. Second, how much personality would that show? Not much.

On one hand, we have Ben, who is hired as a writer for Tribute Media. He is currently doing a series on writing for the web. On the other hand, we have Duncan, a Developer, who has reluctantly made additions to our blog page. His articles detail the many reasons you should never use Internet Explorer. These two are about as different as it gets.

What You Get to Know

We want you to know our personality as a Team. Not only does it spread the burden to have everyone in the office write a blog, but it allows you to get a feel for the team you're working with. From Don and Dave's jokes to Nikki's hilarious phone conversations, our office likes to have a good time while taking care of you.

How to Apply

If you've considered blogging, but you know as an owner or manager that you simply don't have the time, seriously think about having everyone (or a willing few) write a blog for you once a month. It will drive traffic, yes, but it will also give your viewers the opportunity to get to know YOU.

As a whole, we are Tribute Media. As individuals, we are mothers, fathers, sisters, nieces. We take care of our daughters when school is tough, and we go home to a family each day after work. So thank you for being a part of our lives!