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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Apr 28, 2014 7:24:00 PM

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As content marketing trend continues to rise, businesses are spending increasing large amounts of time and money on it. The first step in content marketing is to simply figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want to generate leads or create a buzz? Many content plans fail because businesses have no idea what they’re trying to achieve. They just want to have a large amount of content because someone in the office went to a seminar once and heard that it’s a good idea. Content is a good idea, but there has to be an expectation. Here are some content ideas that are great for any business to follow.


Marketers have earned distrust over the past few years.  They are looked at as annoying and spammy advertisers to most consumers. They look at a marketer as the person who makes a cold call to sell a magazine at 9 pm. That’s why they will hesitate to give you their contact information. They don’t want to be bombarded. If you market correctly you will never need to bombard your customers.

We can overcome this by giving customers something they truly want or need. People will give you their email address in exchange for education. At Tribute Media we send out an email marketing campaign every Tuesday called the Tuesday Tip and that is exactly what it is: free knowledge. We also offer an unsubscribe button with every tip that goes out. If you want free knowledge great, if not that’s okay with us too and we respect that.


Community is often more important when you’re marketing to a business than when you’re trying to reach a customer. You can build that trust and relationship, by building a community.

Social media platforms are often the first thing that people think of when they think about building a community around a product or brand. But there are other ways to reach your customers and hear what they’re saying.

Blogs are an excellent way to do this. They allow you to relax your presentation. Use your blog to announce new products, educate customers, or address their concerns. If you receive comments, respond in a meaningful way and in a timely manner.

New Call-to-action

Video sharing also helps build communities. Video appeals to visual learners, and it’s an awesome way to show off your product line. You can create a YouTube channel or incorporate a video on your website. This will inform, educate, and encourage viewers to share your video on their social media platforms.


Anyone can write an article and publish it on their own website without any editorial review. If you write something for another website, it establishes credibility, builds authority, aligns your brand, and builds trust in your business. It demonstrates that leaders in your industry trust what you have to say.

Webinars can also help build your reputation because the question and answer sessions provide and opportunity for prospects to test you. If you can answer on the spot, they’ll know that you have the expertise they expect.

Stay Relevant In Search

Most businesses use social media platforms to communicate with people they already know. Going to a party and talking only to your friends isn’t a good way to network. Failing to reach out to new businesses is a lost opportunity. You have to make sure you are reaching into new niches.

You still need the search engines and you need them to keep coming back to your site. You do that by consistently giving them something new and awesome to index. Websites that publish new blog posts and/or articles weekly have a significantly higher amount of indexed pages than those with stagnant content.

Fresh content is great for your customer base as well. They’ll keep coming to your website to read the latest blog post and they’ll stay there longer because your content blows their socks off.

Keep In Touch

A weekly or monthly newsletter helps bring people back to your website and improves sales because it keeps your business in their minds. They will remember you every time the email hits their inbox. Give your customers something they can’t get anywhere else and supplement that with links to other content you have created.

Make sure you don’t jump into web marketing without a plan. Brainstorm with your team and establish some realistic and measurable goals. Create an acceptable timeline for reaching those goals. Remember to test it as you go. If something works, keep it up. If something isn’t working, move on. Once you figure out what works, then get better at it. Keep these goals in mind, and your content strategy will produce the positive ROI you’re looking for.


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