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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Apr 17, 2014 7:19:00 PM

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Having a great company culture boosts productivity. Now more than ever, companies are making sure to provide a wonderful experience for their workers. They are ensuring that their employees are happy, engaged, and having fun at work. The logic is simple: If they like coming to work and enjoy their environment, they will work harder.

Over 80% of the United States’ workforce has admitted to feeling stressed at work. Gamified apps for offices are taking over as the next huge need for enterprises. They allow employees to get work done while allowing them to enjoy themselves. Research has predicted that by the end of this year, 70% of Global 2000 companies will have at least one Gamified platform. It’s important to have fun at work, but to really understand this you have to truly dig a little deeper and identify what goes into building an awesome company culture.

You Should Always Be Stoked

Think back to that first day you started your job. Remember that weird feeling you had. You were so excited to be in this new environment, but you were also anxious because you didn’t know anything yet. You met all these new people and learned what your job entailed. You were taking in so much information and making sure you were on your best behavior. You had to prove that you were a great hire.At the end of that day you couldn’t wait to call your Mom and tell her how great your new job was and how you were so excited to be a part of it. You were motivated and ready to take your job by storm. That feeling should never leave you.

Unfortunately, after a bit you tend to feel burned out. This often comes from a lack of change in the office atmosphere. Basically the job had become completely redundant and you’re bored.Companies can avoid this by changing things up. They can give employees more autonomy, change up the seating arrangements to allow different people to work together, or host events outside of the office.

Create Your Company Culture

Every company has their own unique culture and it’s your company’s job to really make the most out of it. Creating a strong company culture allows people to collaborate easily and have fun with the people around them. It can be as simple as moving the desks around to a more open floor plan or integrating departments.

At Tribute Media we believe in having fun. We are quirky. We are surround by bright colors and modern furniture. We listen to music as we work and laughter is always welcome in our office. When things get too stressful we have nerf gun wars to let off steam. It may not work for every office, but it works for us.

Learn From The Best

I’m sure you’ve heard of the rad company culture of Google! Google has revolutionized the  “People Operations” industry, by simply using data to find different ways to keep their employees happy. Google has made it a top priority to makes sure their employees are having fun on the job. They allow their employees to have time in their day to work on something creative. This kind of leniency fosters and environment for innovation. That specific environment in where Gmail was born.

You may not have the resources that a company like Google has, but there are ways to create a better vibe within your office. Companies have come up with all sorts of ideas to make their offices better; slides, pool tables, sports facilities, and even nap stations. All they’ve done is take time to learn about their employees and what interests them.

It’s simple, having fun at work leads to a great company culture. Take the time to learn about your employees, for all you know something as simple as a nerf gun war will boost the spirit in the office.


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