Does My Business Need a Website?

Posted by Mary Woolf on Jul 29, 2015 9:00:00 AM

If your customers are online, then you need to be online too

As a consultant, I like to pride myself in keeping an open mind and just listening to clients problems in hopes that we can provide a solution. There is one question I have been asked more than once, and it still gives me pause because I truly want to give an unbiased answer; "Does my business really need a website?"

This is truly a very good question, one many business owners have asked themselves since the inception of the Internet. Everybody has an opinion and I am sure if you are a business owner there are plenty who will offer you that opinion.

The answer lies in a different question.  Are your potential customers using the Internet to search for your product or service? I love these questions because you find answers and gain knowledge that can actually serve you and your business

So let's look at some facts:

  • The North America Population is 357,172,209 for 2015.
  • Out of the previous number, 310,322,257 are internet users. 
  • In 2014, a half billion new users became connected to the internet worldwide. An increase of 20%.
  • The total number of web surfers worldwide is 3 Billion.
  • 80% use search to find local product and service information.
  • 83% of U.S. consumers go online to research electronics, computers, books, music and movies before buying those items according to a report released today by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

What does this tell you about the direction of your business and whether you need a web presence for your business? If this isn’t enough here are some other questions you may want investigate to see if having a website for your business makes sense.

  • Do your competitors have a site?
  • Where are your potential customers going now to find a service/product like yours?
  • Are you losing credibility not having a site?
  • Does that matter to a potential customer for your business?

What other ways can you showcase your business or show your value add above competitors? A well-designed website is an ideal place to demonstrate what you are about and why you are a good solution. The very same website can work 24/7, generating leads and capturing email information. 

I am not a proponent to giving advice as much as I am about asking questions and facilitating in seeking out productive answers. Then you can make an educated decision in what is right for your business on web presence.

Mary Woolf

Written by Mary Woolf

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