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Posted by Doug Collins on Jul 29, 2015 10:14:00 AM

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It doesn't feel like too long ago when Instagram was relatively unknown, and you could hear kids talking about this app where you can share photos with other people.

Just 9 months ago Instagram announced they had 200 million users; since then, they went up another 100 million. Instagram is growing, and it's a fantastic way to embrace the more visual part of branding and promoting.

Instagram is opening up to all advertisers

Even before Instagram provided a direct route for advertisers to be on everyone's feed, I would have argued that companies need to become Instagram-literate. Now, it's an even bigger deal.

To sweeten the pot, Instagram will be testing a new feature: having a buy now button on ads. This will open the door to get your attractive advertisements direct results, and this happens easily due to being on a user's direct feed. Now, it's still in testing, but this is very exciting to all companies, and can easily become a way to see more direct ROI as a result from social media.

Instagram advantages:

  • People are not on Instagram just to look at pictures, or only post some of theirs.
  • Instagram is inherently visual. Do you have products you've been dying to take professional photos of? Now's your chance.
  • Following and getting follows back is pretty easy. People like to grow their Instagram; and it's set up in a natural way where it makes a lack of growth seem strange, even if growth isn't your main concern.
  • Can you say promotion? If you have an event or sale going on, you have a good chance of your promo getting seen by your followers. Make it look nice, and your sales and promotions will promote themselves.
  • Instagram isn't a one-stop answer to all of your company social media needs, but it is a fantastic addition to a complete brand awareness approach. Give it a try, and use it as part of your social media strategy.
Doug Collins

Written by Doug Collins

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