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Hannah Lacy Originally from Payette, Hannah started working for Tribute Media in late 2014. Previously, she helped manage two Christian nonprofits aiding individuals in poverty. Hannah is proud to be part of the Tribute team: "I enjoy the atmosphere and the attitude that every day should be about learning. There is a wonderful focus on education and improvement to benefit both our employees and our clients." She loves Boise because of the friendly people and the opportunities to explore nature. A big Charles Dickens fan, her favorite novel is A Tale of Two Cities. Biggest guilty pleasure: "Donuts. I never pass up a donut of any kind. Except the ones with custard or cherry filling-that's just a waste of a donut."

Email Marketing Strategies

Posted by Hannah Lacy on Dec 23, 2014 11:48:00 AM


Social media has become a go-to marketing technique for businesses. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are used to keep your business relevant. However, email marketing is sometimes neglected. Though the initial effort put into an email campaign can seem daunting, it is in fact a simple process, and the results are well worth the time.

Having experience in email marketing, we would like to offer you some tips on strategies to either start or improve your email campaign. The three main areas of focus are:

  • Content Building
  • Building Contact List
  • Working with Other Media Platforms

Reputation Management During the Holidays

Posted by Hannah Lacy on Dec 12, 2014 11:58:00 AM


Perception is reality, regardless of how far from the truth this perception may be. This is why reputation management is crucial for businesses of any size. Time's recently reported that Nordstrom had to take juristic measures to protect their reputation when an employee made a violent comment on his personal Facebook page advocating the killing of police officers. This comment was not a reflection of Nordstrom’s beliefs, by any means, yet it reflected horribly on them, as this man was a known employee. They made a public response and promptly terminated the man.

It is clear that reputation damaging comments can be made on any form of social media or website. So how do companies manage their reputations and formulate responses? Tribute Media employs the use of ReviewTracker. ReviewTracker notifies you whenever a new review has been posted about your business. Whether positive or negative, the ability to view what is being said about your company and respond is invaluable in reputation building.

How to Run an Effective Digital Ad Campaign

Posted by Hannah Lacy on Nov 25, 2014 11:39:00 AM


Executing an advertising campaign using any medium can be significantly challenging. The question of whom to target, how to target them, and what message to convey can sometimes leave an advertiser with too many questions to handle. As the inherent nature of the online community is to be wary of promotions or messages on the Internet, it makes the task of delivering the communication even more challenging for the online marketer.