A Few Prevailing Trends for Your 2015 Website

Posted by Jessica Richards on Apr 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Mobile Web Usage

Scrolling In VS Clicking Out

You may have noticed over the past few years, the escalation in use of mobile devices to surf the web, user have become accustom to scrolling. In fact, according to a new study by ComScore, mobile usage as a whole accounts for 60% of time spent, while desktop consumption makes up the remaining 40%.  With statistics like these floating around, I'm obliged to say that scrolling has won over clicking.

 A few benefits:

  • Audience gets to preview all you have to offer on the first page- just scroll down
  • Helps convey masses of information with out slowing down the experience for the user
  • Scrolling is by far quicker than clicking through
  • Scrolling in a non-committal action that requires little thought
  • Perfect for webpages where the purpose is to tell a story


Stock VS High Quality Professional Photos

Stock imagery still has a very big place in web design, however it seems to be taking the back seat to professional photography of high quality photos. The keywords here are HIGH QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL. Just because you have a fancy smart phone with a decent camera, this does not make you a professional photographer and though your images look great, they are likely not going to look fabulous on your website.   And we are all familiar with the never-ending challenge to find nice, diversified, NOT cheesy stock images that display your product or message in a clear and concise way. So set yourself apart from the crowd and hire a professional photographer for imagery to be used on your website. 

A few benefits:

  • Makes you unique- no one else has the same images
  • Make a small business appear much larger
  • Free publicity and exposure
  • Can help turn browsers in to customers


Clean Minimalism VS Cluttered Header & Homepage

 We are all familiar with the KISS Principal – (keep it simple stupid or if you want to be nice- keep it short & simple) this is also a great principal when it comes to web design. Web visitors can be very quickly overwhelmed, so if you can present your information in a clean, clear, quick and simple way you will likely have a better chance to make a lasting impression. Some of the best, minimalized websites use white or another basic color and have lots of space between all of the elements on the page. Simple modest sized logos, larger text, menus that only present the exact information that your visitor needs with out all the fluff and bedazzle- these are the things that a clean minimalised website are made of.

A few benefits:


User Experience VS Web Crawlers

You may have heard or read about SEO and UXO, what is that exactly? Well, SEO-search engine optimization is a form of manipulation of content, code, links and other aspects for higher-ranking websites. Essentially you are trying to make the web crawlers happy.  UXO- User experience Optimization- means optimizing your web presence to serve... wait for it… CUSTOMERS! It’s goal is to make your customer’s happy not the current search engine algorithm. There are many ways to accomplish this; clear navigation, clean user interfaces, useful products or service and information pertaining to that product or service. Fast response times and steady reliability are also key elements in UXO.

A few Benefits:

  • Improves the use and learning for your customers
  • Reduction in the number of user errors
  • Increases your visitors and number of return visits to your website
  • Can increase transaction and product sales

In conclusion, ask your self- does this choice help your customers/users/visitors/viewers? If not, why in the Hades would you want to do it?

Jessica Richards

Written by Jessica Richards

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