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Posted by Lindsey Bowshier on Nov 30, 2018 3:29:00 PM

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If you’ve read a few blog post on our website, you’ve probably seen links for our free self-assessment. (And if you haven’t read a few blogs, you should. Really. They’re pretty good.)

Shameless self-promotion aside, why do you need to take this assessment? After all, you’ve got plenty of useful information in front of you on this website. That’s all you need, right?

Well, maybe so. Maybe you’re already on the right track with your SEO, social media, email marketing, etc., and just need a few bits of info. But here’s the thing: What if there’s something that could benefit your business and you don’t even know about it?

There are a lot of online resources and opportunities to gain visibility on the web, but it can be hard to keep track of or manage them all. This assessment gives you a free and (mostly) painless way to evaluate your web marketing efforts. If you’ve got a blind spot, we’ll help you find it and fill it in.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck... Your credibility with your online audience. 

Tribute Media’s free self-assessment explores five key areas and gives you feedback accordingly.

1) See How You’re Doing on the Web

Our assessment evaluates five aspects of your online presence:

2) Tips for Improvement

Once you answer the questions, we’ll give you pointers for improving your online presence based on how you answered these questions.

3) Context for what You're Missing

Previous versions of our assessment have asked you to grade yourself on a scale of 1-5. Well, we realized that if you don't know much about web marketing, you probably don't know if you are doing something well or making embarrassing mistakes.

This self-assessment offers multiple choice options so you can select the one that most closely describes you. We'll tell you if you're on the right track or not.

4) Resources for Further Learning

We’ll also supply you with links to relevant blogs to help you take action on our tips.

5) Even MORE Resources for Improving Your Web Presence

Once you know how you're doing and are armed with a few resources for further research, you'll also have the opportunity to get a more personalized, in-depth audit from one of our experts.

Ready to Take the Assessment?

Our self-assessment costs you nothing and will provide you with valuable tips and resources. By answering a 15 simple questions (3 questions on each of the five web marketing topics), you’ll be able to evaluate your web presence and discover ways to improve it.

So, at the risk of sounding redundant…

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Lindsey Bowshier

Written by Lindsey Bowshier

Lindsey is the director of web strategy at Tribute Media and holds a B.A. in English and Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. Outside of work, Lindsey participates in a "super-cool-not-at-all-nerdy" writing group. Her favorite writer is Dorothy Parker.

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