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Cliche Image Choices You Should Avoid

Written by Hannah Lacy | Sep 22, 2015 12:00:00 PM

We've all seen those cliche stock photos floating around the internet, littering blog posts and low budget websites. It's time to stop. In case you have a hard time recognizing these awful pictures, here are some great examples.

The Excited (Super Excited) Business People

"We can't even contain our excitement! We're in suits, we're in high-heels, we don't care, we're excited about something and we're gonna..." jump about it?

Let me ask you this. Does this image engage you? Draw your attention? Do you empathize at all with their intense excitement? If this image did grab your attention, it's probably a result of just how painful it is to look at.

What are we?!

"What are we?!" "Business people!" "What do we support?!" "We don't know!"

You just don't see people in the office taking pictures like this. You really don't. So should you use this image? You really shouldn't.




Hmmm... This IS serious.

"Okay, everyone. Put on your best concerned face."

Result: The red head has a headache, blondy is daydreaming, the brunette might actually be concerned, and the guy is either imagining himself on vacation, or just shared some gas. Lovely.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article. We aren't glad that these images actually make it onto people's websites, but, they are good for a laugh. Thanks, stock photographers. Buh-bye now!