10 B2B Necessities in a Digital Economy

Posted by Sarah Wai on Dec 26, 2016 11:50:00 AM

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Digital marketing is constantly changing, but what hasn’t changed is its relevance.  For a small company with a business-to-business focus, the digital transformation can seem daunting.

As a B2B company, you want to ensure that you're connecting with businesses in the most accessible way possible. Sure, you can have salespeople connect with them face-to-face or cold call, but nothing is more convenient than a business being able to connect with you online at their own convenience. If you do your web marketing right, you may answer some of their questions and lead them further through the buyers journey even before they meet with you. There are ten necessities for every B2B company to keep in the forefront of their mind in this digital economy:

Actively work to be in front of leads

It has already been established that being active on the Internet is valuable, but some companies don’t realize just how valuable. Your website is your opportunity to make a shining first impression through quality content, user-friendly navigation and top-notch branding. Staying active on social media and utilizing email marketing drives traffic to your website and establishes connections with leads.

Using Content to your advantage

It is crucial that your website clearly describes the services or products that you offer. However, in order for these services to be noticed, there needs to be more than just basic page content. Blog posts, news, videos, and infographics can be employed to represent your company and further tell your story and draw attention to these services or products.

Search Engine Optimization is for everyone

Another benefit of high-quality content on your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps your website stay relevant and show up in search engines when individuals are searching for services or products you offer. PPC is beneficial in this sense as well, but it operates a bit differently. Read more about the pros and cons of using both SEO and PPC.

Understanding Your Audience

One of the best ways to see what attracts your target audience is to check out your competitors and what they are doing. There's no reason to start as square one and make guesses when you can answer some of your own questions by doing educated research. Keeping track of competitors can be made easy by consistently viewing their blog, paying attention to what they are posting, and how viewers are interacting with these posts.

Being Seen

Social media can also be employed in sharing your ideas with the world. Connect with your target audience by sharing content that is relevant and of interest to them, while also promoting your business.

Content Placement

Using keywords in a well-placed advertisement can catch the eye of potential clients. For a few well-spent dollars, paid advertisement can be used to strategically draw your audience to a landing page.

Upcycling Content

You may have spent an hour or two writing a quality post for your blog. It is posted, perhaps shared to your social media, and in a few days, forgotten. Content like this can be used again, through avenues such as infographics and sharing to social media sites. The trick is in creating evergreen content.

Social Selling

This can be a valuable way to advertise your products, but it must be of good quality. Advertising a product in a way that starts a conversation rather than pushing for a sale is more readily received and less like SPAM.

Being Heard

Making it easy for customers to stay in touch with your information is vital. Use things such as easily spotted options to Like, Share or Comment on your articles, easy email subscriptions, and RSS Feeds. Used sparingly, gated content can also be useful to measure the investment of viewers.

Engaging Viewers

By creating a better customer experience for each person who is led to your website through social media or paid advertisement, you are creating advocates for your company and potential referrals from pleased customers. It's worth it to put forth the effort!

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