Facebook Updates Have You Overwhelmed?

Life as we knew it changed last night. Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but c'mon, you know what I mean. Many of us woke up this morning to find our Facebook feed had drastically changed, or for my fellow night owls you may have noticed it last night. Instead of just showing the latest posts, Facebook is automatically showing posts it thinks you will find interesting.

Conceptually, this is pretty cool  However, I'm not sure the intent or the implementation of these changes were really thought out. What programmers at Facebook HQ fail to realize is what most people find really cool about Facebook: the fact that we get to see the updates of people we don't communicate regularly with.

Sure, I use Facebook mainly to communicate with my close friends and family. However, I also enjoy seeing that my high school boyfriend has gained a lot of weight or that the annoying girl from my English 101 class has been in and out of the same relationship 7 times.

(She's single now, by the way, but I'm sure it won't last) With these changes, Facebook is trying to create a stalker out of me. I now don't have the excuse of knowing this stuff because it just happened to show up on my feed. I will have to make a blatant effort to check these people out and I don't like that!

All in all, I completely understand the changes, but I feel like there should be an option. There are plenty of people like me that spend all day on their computers and keep Facebook, Twitter, etc. running in the background. We should have the option (like we used to) to see only the recent updates. I don't need to see the same top stories 12 times. Plus, isn't this change going to ruin what is so cool about Facebook: instant-gratification and guilt-free stalking?

If you are like most people and still trying to figure out how to work these changes, check out this article from Mashable. Trust me, it helps!

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