Enable Social Media to Meet Your Customer’s Needs

Social MediaLately it seems that anyone and everyone has social media icons somewhere on their website. All you do is put up a Facebook page and create a Twitter account and you are golden. After all, social media is where business happens, right?

Unfortunately, like all marketing aspects, social media requires a variety of things to fall into place before it can be successful and staff access seems to be the biggest issue.Whether you are a large corporation with a whole team or just a small business that has hired an intern, if you are giving someone control of your Social Media, it is imperative they have access to the information they will need. This access can come in the form of client accounts, event photos, or scheduling privileges, but no matter what, it is crucial. And here’s why:

Recently I received an erroneous bill for my Internet service at my home. Naturally, I received this bill on a Saturday when all customer service lines are closed.

Being the frustrated tweeter that I am, I took to my twitter account to vent on the ridiculous amount that was just automatically added to my credit card bill.

To my surprise, a nice man named Brian, who was tweeting for this particular company’s customer service department, contacted me offering to help. Things were looking up. I was going to settle my bill AND I wasn’t going to even have to talk to anyone. Just tweet!

Yeah, not so much. After many Tweets and Direct Messages back and forth, my dear friend Brian informed me that he could not find any notes in my account as to why I was not supposed to be charged for a new wireless router and why my monthly costs were supposed to be lower. Needless to say, this experience with “Customer Service” wasn’t exactly a positive one.

Fast forward to a couple of days later when I finally get off work early enough to give this company a call. Within minutes I am transferred to an overly-cheery girl. I tell her my problem and hear her typing away to pull up my account. Within moments I hear these words: “Okay Ms. Bates, I can see from the notes in your account that you were not supposed to be charged for those items. I’m sorry about that. Let me get a credit started for you.”

Notes in my account? Did she have magical powers? Why could she see something so obvious that Brian could not? The answer is simple: Brian was not given full access to customer accounts.

After I hung up, satisfied that I was getting a credit, I realized how silly it was to have someone available via Twitter to help with customer service, but then not give him the tools he needs to handle a fairly basic situation. First, that is completely inefficient, but it also doesn’t exactly ease frustrations for customers.

If your social media is managed by someone other than you, take the time to evaluate what your customers might need. Chances are, if it is on the minds of your customers it will pop up in social media at some point or another. Equip your social media strategy to be able to serve and connect with your customer base. After all, nothing can be more effective than an active community that feels like their needs are always met.

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